Is today THE DAY??

Today we decided to try to walk this baby out and went on a fun hike at Tibble Fork.

I have been trying all the “natural induction” methods I can find and none seem to be working!

I guess it’s true- the babe will come when it’s ready!

I just wanted so badly with this pregnancy to be able to go into labor myself and it just seems to not be going in my favor!😅

I’m doing my absolute best to trust the process and be patient… but girl!!! I am clearly not very good at that!!😅

This is the longest I have ever been pregnant, and dealing with prodromal labor symptoms is making me super impatient!

Everyday feels like it’ll be THE✨ day.. every day I get labor (not BH) contractions.. this teeny tiny inside me just seems to be absolutely comfortable!!

Is anyone else on baby watch with me? Anyone have any natural labor inducing secrets y’all wanna share!? 🤦🏼‍♀️😅


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