The last weekend without you..

This is the last weekend without our babe boy in our home!

How wild is that!?

In a matter of days, he will be born and snuggling with all of his family!

My pregnancy has just flown by… It doesn’t seem real that it’s days away from being over! It feels like just yesterday was Christmas morning and we saw a positive pregnancy test!

This pregnancy has been..different.. to say the least! Sure, every one of mine has been different from another, but this time, it’s the pandemic that has put the biggest amount of stress…confusion and chaos to it.

The hardest part was not knowing for a while there if I could have my Husband with me when I deliver.
Being alone during appointments has been equally hard.

My poor Husband missed out on a lot this time!

Overall, I have had a healthy pregnancy.
Overall, I am so grateful to bring another babe into this world and
overall, I feel extremely blessed!

Sure I’ve hit some rocky roads here and there, but I do have to admit, I am going to miss being pregnant. I am going to miss feeling my baby inside of me. I will absolutely miss every part of being pregnant.

P.S. This picture is of my gorgeous daughter, Brooklynn!


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