So THIS is 39 weeks??

So this is 39 weeks..

I have officially made it to a safe zone!

With all of my past pregnancies, I have never made it any further past this date. With my second pregnancy, I went into labor during week 37, and all the rest I was induced prior to 39 weeks or exactly on the 39 week mark..
The only reason I am not being induced today- was in part due to me begging in hopes I could go into labor naturally and in other part because the hospital is overwhelmed.

I am currently at the state of mind that every thing I feel, I wonder if it’s labor related..😂 I’ve been keeping a diary to track my symptoms, which have been mainly- loss of appetite, random energy bursts, two weeks of zero weight gain, baby dropping, loss of plug, dilating and effacing and a few others!😬

It has been so H🥵T that I’m basically living in dresses at the moment because pregnancy and heat… NO THANKS!

My body is clearly ready, but my babe is totally comfy! What can I say.. Mama’s bed and breakfast inn is a hot commodity!!!🤣

I am just holding on to every pain and symptom thinking it is what will bring me closer to holding him in my arms.

I simply can not wait to bring him home🤍🤍🤍


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