Pregnancy scare

Yesterday didn’t turn out how I had planned..
As you know, I have been having mild preeclampsia issues mixed with SPD.. My OB has been monitoring this very closely and plans to induce me next week (I really want to go into labor naturally!)😭

I had my 38 week appt yesterday- all seemed normal.. Another week of not gaining any weight (YAY!) but my blood pressure was high so they re-did it a few times.. with that, my swelling, headaches and protein in my urine- she told me I needed to go to L&D and do testing immediately. 💔

She finished checking me (which I was dilated to a 3.5 and 80% effaced!) and sent me on my way.
I was anxious honestly. There was a chance I’d have an emergency induction and I felt so unprepared.. On top of it, I was alone due to the strict covid visitor policy.

They hooked me up to a few monitors, did blood tests (they initially failed and popped two of my veins😂- which the nurse blamed my “baby veins”🤷🏼‍♀️), they did another urine test and then I laid down and waited for an hour..

The hardest part was being all alone.. I didn’t know what was going to happen and if my pregnancy or babe were threatened. It was a hard moment for this mama!😢

Test results came in.. The nurse stated I had mild traces of preeclampsia still, but that we’d just continue watch it day to day! 😅
But…. I had dangerously low protein, potassium, iron and I needed to drink more Gatorade than anything for the remainder of my pregnancy for the electrolytes. It also showed I had an slight infection in my body.

I felt such relief, but at the same time- was worried over that news. They gave me lists that explained how to help my current situation and begged me to take bed rest seriously (🤭oops!).

My husband came and picked me up, and I broke down. I try my best to eat healthy.. I take prenatals and other supplements and still, somehow I was in dangerous levels of lacking certain important things for my body and my baby.

It was all a lot to take in, but I sure feel grateful that I have a little more time to prepare and to get myself healthy.. I’m just truly grateful for this knowledge so I can fix it!🤍


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