I’m not perfect..

This is something that gets me through my toughest of days.

As a mother.. a wife.. and a person, I have my good days and my bad days. My life isn’t perfect.. I am just like everyone else out there. I have my strengths and weaknesses.

I struggle with parenting.. I struggle with house work.. I struggle with my mental health.. I struggle to keep my schedule.. I struggle with being pregnant.. I struggle to remember to make dinner (heck- I can’t seem to remember anything anymore!).. Sometimes I even forget to do things that my phone reminds me to do!😂

I constantly feel like I could be a better mommy.. a better Wife.. a better homemaker… a better Brittni.

But I see this quote, and I remember- I am wonderful. I do enough even when I do nothing. I try my hardest. My Husband and Children don’t want a perfect me- they just want me as I am, and that is perfect to them.

Even on my toughest of days, this helps me remember how worthy I am.

Even if I left my house with two different shoes on- I am perfect! And so are you! 🤍


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