The final cuddles from my baby

I’ll never forget these final snuggs from my baby before becoming a mommy of six.
Any day now, she won’t be the baby.. she will be a big sister!

I will never forget the energy from her with me right now. There’s an intensity that has come from her since I became pregnant.

Her hugs seems stronger. Her kisses- more frequent. Her need for her mama has intensified. It’s like she knows and has known all this time.

It’s like she is trying to soak in every single moment with her mama before a new baby comes into our home.

Like she’s preparing for the change that is to come as much as you are.

Soon she will be a big sister, but she’ll forever be my baby in my heart- as with all of my children.

A new babe doesn’t shadow over my other children, it just bonds me deeper to them all. It brings more love into our home.

I am a mother and that is my calling.


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