Seven May be my lucky number now!..

It has now been seven years since I walked away from a seven year marriage. My ex used to say seven was his lucky number, and now I can agree.

My life was restored through the number seven. I no longer lived in fear of the what’s.. who’s.. when’s.. I no longer felt alone.. abandoned.. I no longer felt suppressed.. I no longer had to explain the endless times my babes wouldn’t see their dad because he was off ‘doing him’ instead of being daddy..

Leaving my last marriage saved us all, and it paved the way for us to find Jayce. 🤍

I won’t sit here and lie or pretend that our relationship is easy.
Sure, we can communicate better together at times! Sure, sometimes my past sneaks up and I start feeling insecure!
Sure, his past comes up and he starts to feel insecure too!

But the love we have is real.. it is deep.. it has no boundaries or limits.
This love is unlike any love I have ever felt.

The moment I met Jayce, he took on not only me, but three young babes!He stepped up and became an instant papa.

The best part though is that he wanted to.

A man who actually wanted to be there for those kids.. a man who wanted to take them in as his own!?
A man who has never called them his step children..he has always labeled them as his.

Good men exist!!

The path I took to find him wasn’t an easy one.. but what was easy was the choice to trust him.
The choice to love him and the choice to let myself be loved by him.

We’re not perfect, and I’m grateful for that, but one thing that’s true is that we are perfect for one another.

We are beyond compatible. We love the same things. We have the same goals and dreams.

Together we are dynamic and I’ll never know how to thank God (and @okcupid) for helping us find one another when I had given up on love.

I’ll never know how to thank my Husband for helping me see that love can be real.. and for him choosing us..for him sticking by our sides through everything and for dealing with my ex..
✨The list could go on and on!✨

This is us. I wouldn’t change my life for anything.

We have made a beautiful life together, and I can not wait to see where it takes us..

Next stop, delivering our babe.


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