Momarazzi: noun; maternal photographers, usually novices, but always with good intentions, who aggressively pursue their children’s every move for any or no reason at all… for the sole purpose of obtaining thousands and thousands of visual memories that no one but the mama’razzi will appreciate.

Hi my name is Brittni, and I am a well known Mama’razzi. I constantly have my phone in my hand to capture every moment of my children- relevant or irrelevant.. it doesn’t matter! Photos hold strong to my heart and even if my family tires of my endless memory capturing, I believe that one day, they’ll appreciate it as I do.


If not, they will still be stuck with my 7 photo albums at home PLUS my 13,000 pics on @costco website.. that’s growing every month..

Bahahaha. Good luck with that chaos @brookieloo1 and @hwwardle18 🥰 Mommy’s intentions were good!!

🆘 I may need to start a crowdfund to get my pics off Costco and organized for my babes🆘😂😂😂


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