Where has time gone?

Lately I have been watching my babes.. wondering where time went.. wondering when they got so big..

I swear- it happened in the blink of an eye!!

Here I am about to bring in our sixth babe, and suddenly all of my other littles look- well- not so little.

This year, I’ll have an eighth grader, a sixth grader, a second grader and one in kindergarten! 🤭

Time is absolutely cruel when it comes to our babies. I want time to slow down so I can have more snuggles with them..

As I sit here, I notice Ella and Everly’s baby fat is gone or almost gone.. Both of them have grown so much this year!! Roman suddenly is acting grown up and has gained a few inches in a few months.. Heaths voice is getting deeper and suddenly he looks like a pre teen.. and Brooklynn seems so grown up too! For one, she’s already taller than me.. then, I look at her and feel she looks 16.. not 13!

I’m sitting here all caught up in my feels😭 and my disbelief when I should be snugging’ them!!

Cherishing more moments and making more memories..

My children mean more to me than anything. I will do anything for them, and right now- I’m going to go spend time with them because momma needs her babies!! 🥰

I hope everyone has an amazing night!!



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