Everly’s Birth Story

I remember the day she was born.
The skies were blue, the weather was perfect.

I was 38 weeks pregnant and headed to my OB appointment.
I wasn’t prepared for the crazy moments that were about to take place.

My OB took my blood pressure.. gave me a look of concern.. he asked me to sit on the floor while he took it again.. another look of concern from him..
He asked me to go home, sleep and come back in 2 hours to retest, so we did. Once home, I started losing my mucus plug.. (I knew what that meant!)

Later I went back to my appt and this time, my OB said I needed to go immediately to Labor and Delivery because my BP was dangerously higher than earlier.. I wasn’t prepared to hear that. Panic set in. He told me that I had preeclampsia so they needed to induce me ASAP.

We got to the delivery room and they got me hooked me up and started me on pitocin.

Shortly after, I couldn’t stand the contractions. I couldn’t breathe through them or hold still, so they immediately had the anesthesiologist come in for the epidural. They sat me up, had me slouch over and took a while to put it in because my contractions were back to back and I couldn’t hold still. I was yelling “my babies coming.. I know she’s coming!”..

They finally got it in, laid me back down and said I’d feel better soon.. I begged and pleaded with them to believe me that I was seconds from pushing my babe out.
After my persistence to be checked, they finally agreed to look- and sure enough- her head was right there! They started rushing and trying to get my OB back while telling me to not push yet.
Finally my OB showed up and at this point the epidural still wasn’t affecting me.

I ended up pushing her out in 5 minutes and all naturally. 😬
My total labor was 1 hour and 45 minutes!

Sweet little Everly was my fastest labor,(and my only natural one as well.) Her delivery wasn’t what I’d hoped or expected, but it is Everly’s story, and I am so grateful she is here!


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