I have a secret..

I have a secret…

Before we get to it- I’m gonna add that Nevada is my Husbands hometown.. (this will begin to make sense soon! 🥴)

So naturally, he would love to live there again. We did have a brief-almost year long- stint where we lived there a few years back, but custody orders brought us back to Utah-(which is where I was born and raised)- so I’m not complaining! ⛰

Personally I love Utah! It’s gorgeous and provides many outdoors activities that are right up our ally!
But I’d be lying if I said that myself and my family didn’t miss living in Nevada.

I love the sunsets there.. The desert.. The Nevada heat (maybeee not when pregnant, but..)… it also helps that my Husbands family is primarily there or around there too.

Well since April, we’ve been in discussion with my ex about moving there. (Shockingly, he and his girlfriend brought it up- not us!)

My ex’s girlfriend is from Las Vegas, so ALL of her family is there. So honestly, I’m not too surprised that they want to move there.

Well, we’re still all discussing it, and at this point, it seems like it’s a go! 🚦

Now it’s a waiting game as WHEN🤗.

We all want to move to Las Vegas around the same time frame, so we’re just figuring a few things out before, but I’m getting pretty excited!!

I love fresh starts. I love traveling. I love being exposed to different places.. people.. I just adore the experience it gives my family.

There’s so many positives over this, and I just can not wait!

So I’m curious, do any of y’all live in Vegas? Any recommendations to moving there? We’re planning on moving to the Henderson area.

I’d love to hear yall’s thoughts!!!

I hope y’all have a beautiful night!


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