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I feel so blessed to be able to do these things..

This post is sponsored by Thanksgiving Point and may contain affiliate linking, although all opinions are my own.

Yesterday we had set up an appointment to go to @thankspoint and see what Butterfly Biosphere was all about.🦋

We’ve never been, so we were super thrilled as you can imagine! (I LOVE doing family activities!!) 🐝

We got there and were absolutely stunned! It was bigger and offered a lot more than we realized. They had an art room, plenty of photo op spots, crafts, a gift shop, many bugs I’ve never seen before and even a indoor playground! 🐛

I felt that one of the coolest things was all the tubes around the building allowing you to see ants “work” and showing their colonies!!! 🐜

The butterfly greenhouse part was my favorite though. It looked like a jungle with tons of plants and even a pond and waterfall! Everywhere you looked there were butterflies and the butterflies were gorgeous- (and HUGE!) I’ve never seen them that size before. You had to be careful though not to step on them or walk into them as the flew by! 🦋

I’ll admit- they were so big that I got a little nervous because they fly all around you and even land on you. We were not prepared for that at their size, but we survived 😂 and honestly, I’d go back over and over! We really enjoyed it!

The only bummers were Covid caused closures like, their website claimed we could normally release a butterfly, hold creepy crawlys, and some parts are closed inside.

I can’t wait to be able to go back and take part in all of the fun activities!

Be sure to head over to @thankspoint and get yourself a membership!! It is incredibly worth it! We’ve already been there a lot and had it for maybe a month! 🥰

🦋Friendly reminder- right now they’re asking people to set appointments to see their venues and wear a mask while indoors🦋


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