Hello all you new and beautiful faces 🌻

There are a lot of new and beautiful faces around here, so I thought I’d introduce myself!

My name is Brittni, but others call me mama bear, mommy or Britt🤍

I am 32 years old. I have five children, and am weeks away from bringing my sixth into this world.
I was 17 when I got pregnant with my first babe, Brooklynn. She and her two brothers Heath and Roman were the sole blessings that came from my first marriage.
I am now married to the most wonderful army man, but it took that 1st terrible marriage/divorce to find my Hubby- which I am so grateful for.
We met on @okcupid and have been happily together since 2014. Together we have brought two other girls into this world, and are weeks away from delivering our son.

I have had anything but an easy life. My Dad abandoned me when I was an infant, my mom struggles with many issues, and has currently abandoned her family. Due to my choice- I don’t have any extended family members whom I speak to. I heavily lean on my Husbands family as mine.

I have been homeless, hospitalized/put in rehab for suicide attempts after my first marriage crumbled, and struggle daily to manage my mental health disorders. I have also been in and out of custody court way too many times that I could be a lawyer at this point.🤣 Yet- I DO NOT let any of this be a negative in my life. I do not let it stall my goals or dreams. I refuse to be labeled as my story or my struggles.

I am not embarrassed or ashamed, and use this grown courage and confidence to help others. 💪🏻

I am strong, resilient and I refuse to give up. I am a whole hearted lover… and most importantly, I love myself, my family and my life. My soul was not hardened over the chaos brought to me, in fact it was softened.

I am extremely grateful for my lessons because they have made me who I am today, and today- I am exactly who I need to be/want to be.

I feel truly blessed to have this platform with so many beautiful supporters and I’ll never know how to truly thank all of y’all for standing by m.

But I’ll try.. Thank you! Thank you for hearing me. Seeing me. Loving me. 🤍

I look forward to getting to know each and every one of y’all! 🤍


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