I made it to 9 months!

I made it! 💛
Let’s reminisce on my journey so far..

Trimester one 💛 what I loved;
🤍the moment we found out Christmas morning
🤍the moment we told our babes
🤍the first ultrasound
🤍hearing the heartbeat
🤍knowing I’m creating a baby

What I didn’t love:
👎🏻hubby not allowed at any appt
👎🏻 some virtual OB appt’s
👎🏻fear and unknown about pregnancy and Covid19
👎🏻emotional breakdowns and anxiety
👎🏻not knowing if I’ll need a c-section

Trimester two 💛 what I loved:
🤍fading morning sickness
🤍beginning to actually look pregnant
🤍the anatomy scan
🤍gender reveal party
🤍feeling my babe move
🤍hubby being able to feel babe move
🤍finding out I won’t need a c-section
🤍feeling less anxiety over a miscarriage now

What I didn’t love:
👎🏻morning sickness never actually left
👎🏻fatigue got worse
👎🏻hubby not allowed at gender scan or appt’s
👎🏻painful to walk

Trimester three 💛 what I loved:
🤍constant baby wiggles
🤍feeling baby hiccup
🤍excitement of meeting our baby being around the corner
🤍looking obviously pregnant (not like I just ate a burrito or two)
🤍less pressure on weight/diet/looks
🤍feeling needed

What I haven’t loved:
👎🏻the uncertainty of how labor will be in the hospital because of covid (will my husband be allowed in?)
👎🏻having to get a covid test before labor
👎🏻having a specific birth plan and realizing it won’t work
👎🏻being diagnosed with preeclampsia
👎🏻being diagnosed with SPD (PAIN!)
👎🏻nausea and fatigue still being in full force

Overall my experience has been a blessing and I feel truly grateful. I am feeling anxious that my pregnancy is almost over. As you may know, this will be my last pregnancy, which is ok, but I’m definitely trying to cherish every last moment and am truly counting my blessings.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me through everything, and buckle up kids!! This is my babies birth month! The countdown is ON!!!! 🤍


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