The woman who inspired me

I remember this day like it was yesterday, but in fact- it was two years ago.

This day changed my life, gave me hope and helped make me the woman I am today.

It all started when I was listening to my FAV morning radio show on @971zht and heard Jess mention how a local small business called @thelittlemilkbar_ was planning a Baby Shower for Mommy’s who weren’t able to have their own Shower. 🤍

I immediately emailed them to apply. I was in a dark space inside myself during that time, and was trying to bring some joy to my heart.

Financially- we weren’t ok. Emotionally- I was broken. Physically- I was falling apart.
I was in a funk having had been going through my pregnancy alone. (My husband was gone with the Army for 85% of my pregnancy with Ella and were only allowed to speak to another once a week for 10 min.)
I felt alone, I was scared… I had so many complications that I had to face alone, financial woes, custody issues with my ex and more. 😭

The day came that I was approved to attend this baby shower. I wrote my husband a letter about how I was so thrilled to attend, but naturally I am introverted, so I was a bit nervous.😬

The day came and I had my mom tend my babes so I could go. I had no idea as what to expect, anxiety pushed through my body.. I was shaking, but I pushed through it. I forced a smile and pretended I wasn’t afraid which worked. I met some AMAZING and inspirational women! I made friends and cherish those moments.

Lindsay from @thelittlemilkbar_ was extremely friendly and truly put on a beautiful shower for all of us ladies. We all had our reasons as to why we were there, but there was no embarrassment. No shame. Lindsay, her mother and the others there were all very compassionate.

They fed us, gifted us with AMAZING gifts, did a photo shoot and pampered us! It was beyond what I imagined. 🥰

This day humbled me. It motivated me. I want to help others and that is a major reason I am where I am today. Lindsay is my inspiration and motivation and I will never be able to fully thank her. 💕

So here is my tribute to her. Thank you Lindsay for helping this mama in so many ways when I truly needed it. 🤍


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