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Finding the right maternity clothes is hard

This post is sponsored by Undercover Mama and may contain affiliate linking, although all opinions are my own.

Okkkk this mama is HAPPY.☀️

There is nothing I love more than comfort and with this house dress from Undercover Mama I can look adorable and be comfy all day (or two.. or three.. because let’s be honest- this mama is living in this house dress!) 🤣

These come as one size, and are stretchy as well.
Just to give you a general sizing idea, I am 5’7” and typically wear an XL.
I love where it sits on my body and how it looks!

I’ll be honest- I have worn this out of my house quite a few times😋too! NO SHAME! This dress is extremely versatile!

They also sell it for little babes as well, so you can rock your mama and mini look together!

Be sure to head over to their page and snatch you up one at http://liketk.it/2TphU! 🤍

Y’all can thank me later 🥰



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