Challenge Accepted


Thank you to @thebirdspapaya and @jamienotis for nominating me in the woman supporting woman challenge🤍

We all rise by supporting one another!

I have never felt more empowered and confident than today. I have held seven babies in my body, I have stretched, grown, shrunk, wrinkled and scarred and not any of that has made me unworthy.
I have been married, divorced and married again. I have battled years in court for my children. I have lived in a car and a hotel. I have been abused. I have heaven babies and I struggle daily with bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, depression and anxiety.

Yet, I have endured and overcome every single obstacle thrown at me with strength.

NONE of this has made me less of a woman or weak.. It has not made me a victim.

This all has made me beautiful.
It has made me a mommy.
It has made me a warrior.
It has made me even more so unique.
It has made me real.
It has made me a survivor.
And most importantly it has made me strong.

I own my story and have no shame for it.

I am grateful to be a woman and to have such an amazing support system surrounding me.

I feel extremely blessed to have been included in the amazing challenge, and now- I nominate @life_unfiltered_blog 😘 and @brooklynnwardle 💕

Have a beautiful day!


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