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Happy 2nd Birthday Ella Norene

This post is sponsored and may contain affiliate linking, although all opinions are my own.

Today was your second birthday my darling Ella Norene🎈

Where did time go!? You are my fifth babe, but I never remember how fast time flies by!
I can’t not believe you are ours. Your precious cheesy smile.. your contagious giggle.. your sassy attitude.. the way you yell instead of talk.. the words you say.. like “joo joo” for juice, “waah” for baby and so many more adorable words!

We feel so blessed to be able to raise you. I can not wait to see where your future takes you. I can not wait to be a nana to your babies, and to watch you walk down the aisle (who are we kidding- I’ll be bawling and have mascara in my eyes🤣).. I can not wait to do weekly breakfast dates with you to catch up..

But until then, I’m gonna kiss your face a million times a day. I’m gonna snugg on you as much as you let me. I’m gonna secretly take pictures and videos of you so I can re watch them every night before bed and cry over how lucky I am to have such amazing children. I’m gonna watch you breathe while you sleep.

Ella Norene, you came to us at a perfect time and we couldn’t feel more blessed that you picked us. We love you. We cherish you. And we can not wait to see you blossom as a big sissy to your baby brother next month! 💕

Happy birthday my little lovey.

I want to give a shoutout to some special ladies as well! For I truly couldn’t have imagined/pulled off a more special party for my sweet love and I feel incredibly blessed to have had the ladies help me with Ella’s party! They truly came through and helped this mama make her babies day super special, and I feel so blessed to have been able to have gotten to know them. SO- 🤍

@poparazzicelebrationdesigns You came through last minute and totally made my balloon garland dreams come true!🎈

@mom.me.cakery You gorgeous ladies are a dynamic team and your Cakes were DELICIOUS- and beautiful!🍰

@monicascookieshop I was STUNNED by your creative and artist approach to your cookies. Your work is gorgeous!🍪

@bloomeventsandrentals You are incredibly sweet and I feel truly grateful to have been able to work together and use your cotton candy machine for Ella’s Circus party! 🍡

THANK YOU LADIES!! And happy birthday my beautiful babe!!!


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