Mood swings and babies

I’ll be honest.. lately my emotions have been swinging hard in both directions.

Maybe I’m hormonal from my pregnancy… maybe it’s my mental health struggles.. who knows, but yesterday I felt defeated. I felt overworked, tired and emotional.

I had a pit in my stomach, tears of defeat in my eyes…
But why?…Is it my pregnancy? Motherhood? Work? The Pandemic?..

Motherhood is hard. Being a mom boss is hard. Not only am I expected to meet all my children’s needs, I am now throwing hundreds of companies into it as well- Which I’m happy, grateful and beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to do both, but I’ll admit.. I haven’t done my best. I could be doing better! I should be doing more!!!
I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed and I’m feeling like I’ve majorly disappointed everyone.. my family and my business partners. 🤦🏼‍♀️

On top of all of this, were in a Pandemic. There’s not enough known about it yet, especially with pregnant women and infants.
Which adds major doubt and fear into my daily life.
I’m definitely not THAT person who is the mask police, or being overly crazy about it, but I am doing my part. I am doing my best to avoid it, but when you share custody and three of your children spend half their time with their dad and while at their dads I have ZERO control on how they love and honestly, it panics me regarding covid.

On top of it, the schools here have announced plans for this upcoming year and the plans are SHIT!🙄
I 150% will NOT be sending my children into that massive Petri dish. I refuse to risk my families health and wellbeing for School. We will be doing digital learning in my home, but when my kids are with their dad.. I’m unsure of what his plans are. Which gives me anxiety.

Life can be overwhelming, but we all need to love and support each other more during these times than ever!

A HUGE thank you to Ollie World on IG for posting my story!


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