We all have terrible days!

As a mother, as a woman, as a human- we have good days and bad days.

Highs and lows.

One minute I feel productive, and like super mommy- the next I feel worthless.. I question if I did enough for my family that day.. I question if I was enough for my family that day..

Regardless of what kind of day it was- Every single morning I pray to be the best woman, mother and wife I can be. And every single night I end my day paying for my family, praying for the parts I felt I lacked at being a mother or wife. Praying for their happiness.

I’ll admit, I feel like I fail as a mommy and wife more than the ladder. I am a perfectionist which I feel plays a major part in that negative thought.

I will always feel as though I shoulda, coulda or woulda done more. Like I needed to go back and redo a moment in my day.

I became a mommy when I was 17. It was unexpected, scary and absolutely didn’t come with a manual. I am now barely 32, and expecting my seventh babe.

I’m not a perfect mom, but I’m a mother who tries, a mother who protects, a best friend, a mother who loves deeply, a goofy mom. A fun mom. A real and honest mother.
I am a mother who will always listen, a mother who will and HAS gone to hell and back for my babes.

So even on my weakest day, I know that I have not failed. Deep down I know this.

I know that I am the mother my children need-flaws and all.

I am enough and SO ARE YOU!

PS These mama+mini outfits are from @baileysblossoms
Thank you so much for gifting us these! The outfit I’m wearing is an xl and is not maternity, but mamas rocking it well! Ella has a 5t on! Check out my stories to see more on this!!!!


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