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Keenz Stroller Wagon review

This post is sponsored by Better Options Co and may contain affiliate linking, although all opinions are my own.

Recently Better Options Co sent us this amazing Keenz Stroller Wagon. We were so excited, and immediately took it out of the box and set it up!

I have to admit, I was a little nervous to set it up… was it going to be difficult? Confusing?.. I just didn’t know!

I was completely shocked and satisfied to see how effortlessly and just plain easy it was to assemble! It took maybe 8 minutes! (And that’s only because Ella kept trying to get inside of it!) 😂

After we put it together, we strapped Ella in and went on a walk! She was loving it!
Everly even sat in it for a while with her!
I loved the fact that it had two harnesses inside to keep them safe!

We walked around our beautiful neighborhood and were stopped several times by neighbors asking where we got it, how much it is, if it’s smooth, and so on!

One of the first things my Husband and I noticed was how incredibly smooth it drove- which is a HUGE change! Our last stroller was expensive, creaky and not smooth (it took all our strength to get it to turn!)- so this Stroller Wagon is SO REFRESHING! We put little to no effort in pushing it!

We also obsessed over the height of it. The handlebars are adjustable, which is perfect for my Husband and I because we are both tall (he’s 6’7” and I’m 5’7”). It is honestly so hard to find strollers that don’t cause us to slouch down, so this was a HUGE bonus! 🤍

Another positive that stood out is the fact that they give you lots of storage options, a cooler, the canopy, a cup holder and more with your purchase! (SAY WHAT!?)

Talk about a SPOILED MAMA over here!💁🏼‍♀️

Everything about the Keenz Stroller Wagon draws you in!
It is convenient, safe, it’s smooth, easy to put together and fold down and has plenty of storage space.. I mean, it’s any parents dream! 🤍

Better Options Co also sells many add ons, like a mosquito net for instance (which I need terribly! We live next to a lake, so that would be very beneficial with all the mosquitos we have!).

Be sure to check out their page to score yourself one of these Keenz stroller Wagons !!

PS they have a sale going on right now, and offer military discounts!!!

You WILL NOT regret it!! 💕


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