Can my heart grow any larger?

I remember being pregnant with my second child and worrying how my heart couldn’t grow any larger with a second.. wondering how Brooklynn would react to my love going towards another babe.

As the days, weeks and months drew closer to welcoming my second child, I soaked in every moment with Brooklynn to make sure she knew that just because mommy was having another babe, that I’d still love her just as much.

Years later, I sit here awaiting my sixth child still asking myself the same questions and wondering how my youngest will react to him. Will she be jealous? How do I protect her from feeling neglected?

I know now that with each child, your love just strengthens and grows for all of your children.

Your love just doubles, triples, and quadruples.

My dream for my family is to raise such wonderful, kind, selfless children who are strengthened together through a bond so deep that after I am gone from this world, I will know they will be ok… they will be ok because they will all have each other.

It’s not always easy to have this many children and have them all get along, but it’s my goal, and I know how deeply they care for one another.

I feel so blessed to be in such a strong marriage to a wonderful man who does anything for us. A man I happily look forward to growing old with. I feel even more blessed to have been able to give him children, both his and his bonus children!

I can not wait to bring another child to love into our home. I can not wait to have my children hold him, kiss him.. Even though he considers my three children his, I can’t not wait for my Husband to have a biological son.

I simply can not wait for the love to grow bigger in our home. ❤️

My due date is fast approaching and I am doing everything in my power to bring even more love to my home and prepare for our newest bundle of joy, although I must admit, we are utterly unprepared. We still need a car seat.. a bed.. clothes for our baby! Let’s just hope we can get it all done in time!😂


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