Do I offend you?

Oh.. does this picture offend you?

Does the sight of my leg dimples make you uneasy?

How about my stretch marks.. do they offend thee?

Or maybe it’s my shoulders.. how about my face?..

I lost the desire to care what anyone thought about my body when I became a mother.

My body was made to carry my children.
Every stretch mark came from my babies surviving inside of me.
Every dimple came from every pregnancy craving I stuffed in my face to keep my children alive.
Every ounce of fat I gained with each pregnancy is there to protect my children.

I trust my body. It has kept me alive and healthy for 32 years. And for the past 13 years, it has held 7 babies… 7 extra heartbeats… extra fingers, extra toes.. all the hopes and dreams of my beautiful children.

I am so grateful for my body.

I am grateful for how far it stretches, how much extra weight my legs can carry around all day, my back for supporting this big old baby bump, my breasts for providing milk to my babes.

I’m grateful to my soul, for being selfless and sharing my body with my children on and off for the past 13 years.

I am strong. I am selfless. I am a mommy. I will do anything for my children, and I will endure everything to assure they have the best lives.

I am completely unashamed to show my body- in all forms it changes to because I know how amazing it is. Each mark and scar is a memory.

Although, I do look forward to delivering my baby boy so I can smoosh his chunky cheeks all day long!

@brooklynnwardle @brookieloo1 , @hwwardle18 , Roman, Everly, Ella and Baby Boy- Mommy loves you all so much. 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

P.S. Don’t mind my mess, this house is lived in 🥰 #embraceyourmotherhood


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