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The Dockatot changed my babes life!!

This post is sponsored by Dockatot and may contain affiliate linking, although all opinions are my own.

I can not believe what I am about to say…

Ella has officially been sleeping the whole night in her Dockatot for 2 weeks!!!

I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first.. after all she’s ALMOST two, and had consistently refused to sleep anywhere besides our bed.

Since Dockatot gifted us the Dockatot Grand, we have had nothing but sleep SUCCESS with this little ladybug!

And it totally benefits our sleep as well! With her being in her own lounger- outside of our bed!
No more are the days of having a toddler sleeping horizontally between us. No more feet in our backs. No more sleeping on the edge of the mattress because Ella’s taking up 95% of the bed.

Gone are those days!

I feel comfortable knowing that she is safe, inside her lounger. I love that it is breathable, 100% cotton and supportive for her every need and makes Ella (and us) feel safe!!!

Be sure to check out Dockatot’s Website to see all their amazing options! They had canopy’s, toys, many styles and they make the Dockatot in two sizes! One for babes and the other for tots!

I can not wait for our baby boys size to arrive! I just know we will have a newborn sleeping through the night before we know it, with the help of his Dockatot!

Thank you Dockatot for helping Ella sleep through the night!

You have changed our lives! 🤍🤍🤍

http://shrsl.com/2dubh to purchase this amazing Dockatot Grand in Cloud Grey!!!


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