Screw the to do lists! Let’s make memories!

Today we had a huge honey do list to accomplish… things like, clean, organize, build, cook.. repair..

You know.. Grown up stuff.

As we sat there eating breakfast, we both looked at our girls and decided to cancel it all.

It’s summer after all🤪!

After looking at our girls, we just knew there needed to be more to our days than grown up stuff.. we needed to make a better effort (like we used to) to take our family on adventures and explore.

We decided to take them to Antelope Island! I hadn’t been there for YEARS, and my Husband and two littles have never been- so it seemed like a fun mini trip!

We packed a picnic, found our swimsuits and headed there.
We truly had such a blast! We were there for 5 or so hours and enjoyed every minute of it- I’ll admit though- towards the end, we were all T I R E D and run down.

It was 100° after all.

We drove around the entire island, had a picnic at the Fielding Garr Ranch (which was gorgeous!!), and ended our day with swimming in the Lake.

We didn’t go out deep enough to see if the salt would make us float, but we sure got a healthy dose of brine shrimp and flies sticking to our bodies.🥴😂

Ok okkk- so we’ll never go back to swim there again, but the rest of our mini trip was AMAZING!

I will forever cherish the memories we made there today.

I feel blessed to have children who are adventurous and thrill seekers just like their mama and papa are!

After all, what would life be without adventures!? 🤍🤍

What did y’all do this weekend? Anything specific stand out?


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