I remember this day like it was yesterday..

I remember this day like it was yesterday.

After 5.5 months without him at home.
5.5 months without seeing him.
5.5 months without speaking to him (except for Sunday’s for 10-15 min each).
5.5 months of growing a baby without the support of my spouse.
5.5 months of raising children without my spouse.

Months and months with grocery shopping alone. Having to see other couples together and envying them.
Months of sleeping alone.
Having to learn how to change the oil in my car.. having to learn how to change the brake lights myself..
having to navigate how to handle a car wreck, multiple hospitalizations, thinking I was in labor without him, getting shingles from the stress I was under.. a 3 hour flight from HELL that turned into 9 hours.. crying myself to sleep for months.. dealing with custody issues with my ex without my spouse.. having to attend our kids programs without him.. celebrating birthdays without him..

I could go on forever.

But I could also go on forever about how I became a stronger woman for this.
I learned a lot from YouTube and google.
I realized I didn’t NEED a man. I found my strength and my power.

I was beyond ecstatic for my Husband to come back, but I also knew I changed my perspective of “needing” him to come back and just really “wanting” him to be there.
I am grateful for the time apart because without it, I would have never known my strength.

With being an Army Wife- you never know what the day, week or month will hold.. I never know if he’ll deploy the next day, or if we’ve got him for a while.

I feel so grateful every day I get to spend with him, because I never know if he’s going to have to leave.
I try to cherish every single moment- even if they’re not wonderful moments.

The sacrifice of being a part of the Army family is a hard one- worth it- but it is a sacrifice non the less.

I feel so blessed to have my Husband and my children. For everything in life- you never really know how long it will last, so hold tight, love each other deeply and make sure you really are present for each moment. 🤍


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