Even though..

Even though mommy is sometimes frustrated by you- please don’t lose your independence.

Even though mommy sometimes struggles with you- please don’t lose your stubbornness.

Even though mommy sometimes stresses over your attitude- please don’t lose your drive.

Everly, my darling babe- you are going places. And no matter how much your strong personality sometimes irritates the heck out of your mommy, I never want you to lose those characteristics.
How amazing is it to know what you want!? To only accept what you want!?… I envy you Everly darling.

I know you will go places. I know you are going to be a strong woman. I know you are going to make something of yourself and have a fulfilling life!

You have so much personality stuffed into a sweet little five year olds body. You are strong, independent, brave, driven… you are perfect just the way you are…

…even though it frustrates mommy sometimes.

My darling girl, I thank God for you every single day. Please don’t ever change my little lovey! ♡︎


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