The one where you fall in love all over again..

The one where you fall in love with him all over again…

My Husband has many amazing qualities.. he’s full of love, he’d help anyone in need, he provides for his family every single day and still makes time to be a husband and papa even if he’s had a bad or tiring day.. he isn’t selfish and gives up time with his family to serve our Country.

Those are some of the reasons I married him, but I promise you- he has many more qualities about him that are wonderful.

He and I feel like we were meant to be. In fact, months after beginning to date each other- we realized we’d met a time or two before.
We’d realized that at times, we lived maybe a block away from each other… we were destined to be together, and I am so grateful.

My marriage before him was toxic. My ex cheated constantly on me, abandoned us at times, was hardly ever home, his money from us, and the list could go on and on.

It was an unhealthy and extremely mentally abusive relationship. One that gave me no faith in men.. one that made me question if love was real.. I stayed for several years.
WHY!? You may ask..

It’s simple. My Children. I was naive. I thought staying would protect them. Boy was I wrong! Staying HURT them.

Once we separated- it didn’t get easier. Several years later it still isn’t much easier.. but I try. I always try my hardest. And the fact that my now-Husband has stuck by through the entirety of all that drama and court hearings- proves how amazing he is! .
My Husband picked us. He picked an instant family. He loves us. He cares for us. He loves my three children from my last marriage like they’re his own. He even deals with my ex for US!

If you want to shout out your spouse today, Please put it in my comment section!! I’d love to read it!
Lets show our Hunny’s some extra l🤍ving today!!!


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