I am so grateful for these weirdos! .

A man who took on a woman and her three children and loved them, provided for them, SAVED them..

A 13 year old daughter who made me a mom. Who became one of my best friends. Who always stood by me no matter what, and who is undeniably obsessed with horses..

An 11 year old son.. who made me a mommy of a boy, who is a whole hearted mama’s boy, who is an outstanding football player and who has dimples that could melt anyone’s heart..

An 8 year old son who’s laugh and smile are contagious, who has always had an obsession with Speed, Adrenalin and anything extreme and who has me wrapped around his finger..

A 5 year old daughter who is the most independent, sassy, driven- little miss “I’ll do it myself” girl. A girl so sweet at heart..

A 23 month old girl who is so pure, who’s smile is so contagious, who always wakes up happy and giggly, and who has the sweetest soul with a touch of sass just like her bigger sister ..

and our unborn son. Who I haven’t met, yet I already love him so much. Who thanks to @fetalfotosutah I can now see his face when I envision him. Who has such a beautiful life ahead of him and who has already brought us so much joy. We can not wait to bring him in to this world and have another little babe for our big family!

I feel like such a blessed woman and I just truly want to say thank you to everyone follows us and sends daily love to us. You are all a huge part of our family and lives and I just want to say thank you and I love you all!!!! .
Have a beautiful day! 🤍


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