Finding the right Maternity line

Finding the right Maternity line

This post is sponsored by Tupelo Honey and may contain affiliate linking, although all opinions are my own.

Who’s ready for a Try on Haul!?
Especially one from the most amazing (and my personal FAVORITE) Maternity Brand Tupelo Honey style 🤍

I’ll be honest, when I first bought from them, I got their comfy maternity leggings off their website. I was nervous! I was afraid their pants would be sized wrong and not fit me or be floods on me (I’m 5’7”)…
Boy was I wrong!! Their leggings came to me, I put the on one leg (and pregnancy grunt at a time 😂), and LADIES!!! They felt like butter. They are incredibly soft, they didn’t leave panty lines and they are a prefect length! .
I immediately swooned! ❤️

My life was forever changed. If y’all know me, you know I wear maternity clothes even when I am not pregnant, and HONEY- you know I will be wearing their for a lifetime! .
So when Tupelo Honey wanted to send me more clothes- I was ECSTATIC! My dreams came true that day! I live in their clothes now. I am truly in love with their brand and honestly want more! I’ve never felt more comfortable and confident than when I put their brand on!

Be sure to check out my stories (or my collab highlight) for try on videos, and head straight over my LTKit account and get shoppin!! 🤍🤍🤍

P.S. They also own a brand called Zutano inc with baby and kids products, so check that out!!!! I personally don’t have anything from them, but if they as good as Tupelo Honeys products, then you know I want them!!! Haha ❤️❤️❤️

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