Happy Birthday Roman

Roman, where do I even begin?

You hold such a special place in mommy’s heart. You came to me during such an important time in my life. You must’ve known I needed you- but I think really.. you needed me too.

We were inseparable. I held you always, and when I’d nurse you- I had never felt more love.

I can not believe you’re eight Roe Roe!

Eight years! It is gone by so fast!

I remember it all though.. I remember your favs and the extremes we went to make sure you had your favorite things..

first it was Elmo (which you called melmo❤️), then it was Thomas the train and then motorcycles and fast cars.. but throughout those few loves of yours- cows were always your favorite- and still are!

You’re the coolest little dude Rome! You can do the coolest tricks on your pro scooter and I feel such pride every time I think of you.

I can not wait to continue to be there for you and love you as you grow into the man you will become.

You are my soul and I cherish you Roman Hudson.

Happy birthday Roe-peskybuns!!


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