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I’ve let you all down

I feel terrible.

I’ve let my people down.

Once I found out I was pregnant, I abandoned you. And for that, I am truly sorry!

My pregnancy has been anything but easy. I went months with laying in bed, having constant ultrasound scans, feeling hungover and MISERABLE.

But that is NO EXCUSE! So, I am sorry! I should’ve continued sharing my life with y’all. And I didn’t. So I am whole heartedly sorry!

For those who stayed with me during my absence- thank you!! I appreciate that so much! I promise I’ll make it worth it!

Since April, I have been trying to grow my Instagram, which I was able to grow up to 27,000 followers! But I should have been trusting to grow both this and my Instagram! I am here to say I will be better! I will do better.

So much has happened and I can not wait to share it!

Sending love, Brittni


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