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The ONLY way my baby will sleep..

This post is sponsored by Dockatot and may contain affiliate linking, although all opinions are my own.

The Dockatot changed our lives!
Ella was that babe that never slept through the night.

She is also that babe that we’d put in her bed, but somehow she always managed to make her way back to our bed.

Until the Dockatot came along that is. I’m sure all of you saw her enthusiasm when she was gifted it from Dockatot – we’re shared her excitement! And now that she’s been using it for a week- we are SOLD!
Happy as can be!! She loves her sleeper! She sleeps so much better, and she stays out of our bed!! SUCCESS! 🥰

We just continue to feel so blessed and grateful for Dockatot gifting us this! I 100% recommend everyone with an infant to 3 year old getting one! Your life will be changed for the better!

I also take such comfort in knowing that it’s breathable, 100% cotton and can be used for co sleeping AND transitioning to a toddler bed (which is what we are currently doing!!). Head on over to
to be sure to check out their MANY gorgeous styles!! 🤍🤍🤍


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