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I have found the worlds best ice cream

This post is sponsored by Churn Baby and may contain affiliate linking, although all opinions are my own.

TODAY IS THE DAY that Churn Baby Ice Cream launches! 🍦 (All you pregnant ladies, put your hand up! This is our dream ☁️)

I have to say, this ice cream is delicious! It is creamy and the cookies and brownies in it are soft. It all just melted in my mouth!

The cups come in many flavors like, choco chip cookie dough, choco chip vanilla fudge brownie, cool mint chip, peanut butter brownie luvva.
And the sandwiches come is flavors like, caramel cookie, caramel cashew and caramel cookies and cream!

Ok, talk about YUMMY! This mama was drooling!

Honestly, I loved them all, but my absolute favorites were the caramel cashew sandwich and the choco chip vanilla fudge brownie cup!
I loved the cookies with the fudge drizzled on top and the chunks of cashew and brownies in them!

The instructions for the cups say to let it sit for 2-5 minutes to thaw to perfection. I personally let mine sit for 4 minutes.

I love that the cups come with a mini straw inside as well. Makes it easy for all y’all who wanna eat on the go and with no hassle!
The cups reminded me of my childhood and getting those mini ice cream cups with wooden spoons- (please tell me y’all remember those, ha ha!) only these ice creams are much better, but it was nostalgic!

Y’all, head over to your local Walmart, ridleys, associated food store or harmons and get you some of this deliciousness!
You WONT regret it! Your scale might not be too happy though- YOLO 😂


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