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Gender Reveal during Covid19

Today is the day! The day my entire family gets to know what the babies gender is. This has got to be the most excited we’ve all felt during the entire pregnancy. OKKKK so maybe it was supposed to be different for us… let’s rewind a titch to catch y’all up!

My Husband and I had never done a gender reveal party before, so the second we found out we were expecting a beautiful babe, we just knew we needed to do one- after all this would be our last pregnancy…

We knew we wanted to find out all as a family as well, so the goal was when I went to my anatomy scan appointment at 21 weeks, that I wouldn’t find out… well things got sticky there 😂!

The first thing I told the Ultrasound Tech was to keep the gender a secret. The mistake I made here was watching the screen at all… okkk- this is my seventh anatomy scan, so I CLEARLY know how to tell what is what with a babies body on an ultrasound, but I did tell the Tech to have me look away when she looked at the gender specifically.. I thought I was being super secretive and I didn’t think the rest of it would be so telling..

Fast forward a little, she checked my pelvis/cervix region first..



Just like that and I saw. The babe was spread eagle, bum down right at my cervix.

I started to panic because at that moment I knew I ruined it. I messed up our plan and I felt so guilty. I should’ve known better, butttt there really was nothing else I could do.

I told my husband what had happened and he wasn’t too thrilled, but again.. nothing we could’ve done. Just made me feel more guilty hah.

Fast forward to our gender reveal party- which really wasn’t a party at all. Considering COVID-19 and self distancing rules. All that were there was my children and my husband. But we still decorated and acted like it was a huge deal- because- duh! It still was!

We had decided to do a “What’ll it Bee” theme. I bought and made tons of decorations and goodies and went all out. It was so much fun to plan.

My Husband really wanted to have a silly string reveal, so I went on and purchased the color of the gender, and as soon as it was time, we all sprayed each other.

But before I reveal the gender, I’ll add that Brooklynn, Roman, Everly thought boy- Heath thought girl and Jayce was pretty much undecided. He felt boy but also felt girl, so it was a toss up!

We also guess the due date/babies information for fun!!!

Well now that I’ve stalled enough….. The gender was……

IT’S A BOY!!!!

We were all ecstatic! We can not wait to meet this little babe!

What did y’all think? Boy or girl?


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