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I have been keeping a secret from y’all

I’ll be honest.. I had no intention of telling anyone for a while. My Husband and I felt like we wanted this moment to be just ours and not anyone else’s. We didn’t want the judgement or opinions, but my sweet adorable daughter outed is on Instagram, so I am forced to say it- we are pregnant!

4 week ultrasound. Gestational and yolk sac present. No fetal pole yet.
Our newest teeny tiny at 6 weeks 2 days

Like I said above, we were going to keep it a secret as long as we could because we wanted to protect our happiness and our privacy. I know, I know.. some may feel that me having a blog means “we don’t get privacy at all”- to some degree, I agree. To another, I disagree.

Just because I want some privacy during our pregnancy right now, doesn’t mean I’ll always feel that way. The thing is, this pregnancy is only 7 weeks along! Most of y’all wouldn’t tell people until 12 weeks, when miscarriage rates drop drastically. And that was my intention, but my sweet 13 year old posted about our pregnancy on Instagram, and now I’m getting questions, and comments, so I wanted to be honest and say/ yes- we are pregnant, but also, defend why we haven’t told anyone yet.

I mean, our babies heart JUST started beating. This babe is just fresh. Just starting. I’ve had multiple blood tests to check my hcg levels (my last hcg level was at 4 weeks and it was 9,000) and two ultrasounds, and heard the heartbeat at 6 weeks (113 bpm). We were told this will be a viable pregnancy, but how does anyone know 100%!? No one can.

I do feel pretty sick- which is good. I am nausea morning, noon and night. I am most nauseous after I eat. I am ALWAYS tired. My stomach is super bloated. Living the life haha.

I was asked to stop working out though, which was so hard because I finally was losing weight, I had built my lungs up, but every time I worked out, I bled small amounts and it was old blood. So I really have to be considerate and think about resting and taking things slow.

My husband and I are happy. We tried for this babe. I had my IUD taken out November 27, 2019 during my period, and by my next period (12/25/19), we had a positive test! We couldn’t believe how fast it was! What a blessing.


With my first husband, it would take us several months to conceive, but with my husband now, I get pregnant super fast.

Not sure the difference.. maybe less stress.. maybe happiness… who knows, but all I know is it still shocks me how quickly I get pregnant now.

We found out Christmas morning. My husband “already knew I was pregnant”. He knew it would be positive. He was not surprised. I was more Leary. I wasn’t quite positive if I was or if my symptoms were from being sick. (Fun fact, I’ve had strep twice and a respiratory infection since getting pregnant..) when they say getting pregnant lowers your immune system, they are not joking!! I have been ill and pregnancy sick this entire pregnancy. I am still sick.

I have no energy. I am beyond exhausted. I am nauseated and have the worst aversions. There’s a plus to morning sickness and aversions though.. I do not drink sugar drinks at all anymore! I haven’t drank soda in over two years, but I still loved me some Hawaiian Punch- well since I got pregnant, I couldn’t stand the smell or taste or that- let alone ANY sugary drinks. I am so grateful for that! Huge plus!

No matter anyone’s opinions, we are happy. We are thrilled. We feel extremely blessed. This will be baby number 6 for us (three are from my last marriage).

Babies are blessings, and since y’all now know, I will keep you updated on the babies progress.

Love, Brittni


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