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Hello 2020

2020 baby!

Oh my gosh, where did 2019 go!? I swear it was just 2019 yesterday.. *WINK*

2019 was good to my family. Sure, we had our struggles, but none of that mattered. None of that even made an imprint because the blessing outweighed the issues.

In 2019, I GRADUATED Penn Foster High School one year early-with Honors in math and a 3.2 gpa! Get it GIRL!

Also, my family and I moved to a new home. In a safe and amazing community. With so many amenities that fit our families needs. We also purchased our first reliable and luxurious vehicle! (Luxurious compared to the LEMONS we had been driving!!)

Then, we were able to rid ourselves of our debt and start growing a savings! Those two things specifically were our biggest accomplishments! The two things we had struggled the most with for years.

I was also able to end 2019 with no negativity. A new self love. A new outlook at myself. New passions. New goals. A new Brittni.. but a better Brittni!

In October 2019 I took a leap of faith and created my blog! I also opened an Instagram page, and a Pinterest page for my blog! I was so afraid to be that raw, honest and vulnerable, but it is the reason I have gained confidence! Allowing my story to be a strong story, a motivational story, a story about overcoming negativity, instead of a story to be ashamed of, embarrassed by, or just afraid to speak about. I took back my control through my blog. Through my words. I am so grateful I did. I am so proud of myself for being so very brave.

In 2019, my children grew a lot. I have a 1 year old, 4 year old, 7 year old, 11 year old and 12 (almost 13!!) year old. 2019 was good to them. My 11 year old won his first football championships, my 12 year old graduated her horse therapy lessons, my 7 year old is excelling in first grade! He can read some books now, and is doing wonderfully at writing! My 4 year old is growing y’all and becoming more sassy. She is so smart! She can count, loves to draw, writes a few letters, and is just the sweetest thing with a lot of spice! My 1 year old can walk, she can say “dad, mama”, “coco (which is “your welcome” to her), she says Hi, love you and a few more cute words!

In 2020 my Husband and I have a lot of goals! I won’t discuss them all here, but we’ve got some things in the works!!!! And I can not wait to be able to share them with y’all soon.

We also have goals like, build our credit, payoff our second car, start a vlog as well as my blog, continue to add to our savings, overall health and wellness and to go to Yellowstone!!

What are y’all’s goals for 2020?

Much love, Brittni

In 2020 I want to raise credit , vlog , savings


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