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Santa Pictures with Fotofly Santa

This is not a sponsored post

Hey y’all! Every year since 2014, I have taken my children to FotoFly Santa for their Santa Pictures. I tried to find all the pictures throughout the years, but I’ll have to do some more digging! I was able to find 2017-2019 though!!


There’s a few reasons I take them there to do their Santa Photos instead of at the mall. And I am SURE if you’ve been there, you know why too!!

First, they let the parent dress up as Santa in the photo. If you choose this way, they crop your face out so no one can tell it’s not Santa! They also have a Santa on hand in case you choose to have a realistic, (full face) view of Santa. Personally, I have never used their Santa. If my husband can get work off, he will dress up as Santa, but if not- hellooooo Mama Clause!!

I actually enjoy dressing up. It helps your children feel comfortable and prevents meltdowns. It also adds to the memory! I do think next time that I’ll request to dress up as Santa and see if I can get a picture or two with the “real” Santa as well. That way we can have a little more options.

2018- my FAVORITE photo taken there!

When they release the calendar, you should totally get on it and schedule your appt ASAP. The scheduling dates going fast! They also require a $5 deposit when scheduling your appt which goes towards your payment. The total cost for a 10 minute slot of $39. They say it’s for 10 min Increments, but they work so well and patiently with each child, so don’t fret! We’re usually there for 20 min!

This last time I was extremely worried that my 17 month old wouldn’t behave. She’s in a rough phase where she screams a lot and is busy busy. I was so afraid that she wouldn’t cooperate, but actually, the photographers were very helpful. Super kid friendly!

The only thing I wasn’t impressed with this year was that Our photographer had us do only 3 poses and the people next to us had done like 12 poses with all these fun and creative pieces- and they were AMAZING! Their photographer was so patient and fun with them, very open to new ideas, while ours seemed a little rushed. She was friendly, just not open to my ideas I guess.. so technically I felt like this year wasn’t our best, but the pics were decent.

Another amazing winning factor is that I received my pictures the same day in my email! They send a few filter options with each photo too!

Regardless of any minor “issues” I had, I will be back next year and the next year and the next year. I told my kids to be prepared because we’d be doing this until they’re grownups- they were not impressed.. ha ha.

I highly recommend fotofly santa, and this is not sponsored, just something I truly love.


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