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Christkindlmarkt Celebration

This is not a sponsored post

Last weekend was so much fun! My Husband, babes, Mom and I went to This Is The Place in Salt Lake to attend the Christkindlmarkt festivities.

Let the shopping begin!!

Every year, This Is The Place celebrates Christkindlmarkt, but I’ve never cared to go to it. This year, my mom and I decided to go and see what it was all about.

We went on the last day of it. Getting there was a bit horrendous. Traffic was stop and go, but once there, we were able to park easily with the help of guides.

We were so excited to see that they had a train that picked you up from your parking spot, and drove you up top to the festival. It was so much fun!

“ALL ABOARD” (Full Steam Ahead!!)
The lighting is really dim there, so the photos weren’t amazing, ha ha

There was Christmas decor, tons of shopping, people dressed up as characters, food trucks, St. Nick, and plenty more. The place was filled with people, but it didn’t matter, because it added to the holiday vibe! Funny thing about St.Nick was that we ended up in line without really realizing it. I knew he had to have been there, so we showed up at the home I figured he’d be at, and a line started growing after we got there. We lucked out because once we left, the line was wrapped around down the street! I felt very grateful to have been third in line by accident once I saw the line a bit later!!

St. Nick was amazing! He really took his time with each of my little babes. We were with him for a good 10 minutes, if not more. He had a great sense of humor. None of my children were nervous to meet him, which was such a plus!

Krampus was there
Everly’s turn
Romans turn
Heaths turn.. He was SO excited to have a turn, can you tell!? Ha ha
Brooklynns turn
Ella was not impressed

One of my favorite things were the random fire pits! It was pretty cold, so it was nice to be able to warm up! I don’t like the cold weather at all!!!

Warming up our hands! 🔥

They had plenty of spots for a photo opportunity too! It was decorated so cute there!!

Once we were done, we boarded the train, and it took us back to our car.

Bye Christkindlmarkt, we’ll be back in 2020!!

It was so much fun being out in the holiday hustle and bustle. And the food smells were amazing! This is something I will be going to every year from here on out. We left with such big smiles on our faces!

Have any of y’all been to Christkindlmarkt before? what was your favorite part of it? Did you try the food? We didn’t but we really wanted to!!

Love, Brittni


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