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How we got pregnant the first month of trying!

My Husband and I decided we wanted to have another baby. I had an IUD in, so the first step, was to get that removed on November 26,2019. The process is super quick- maybeee 5 minutes! And doesn’t hurt at all. I’ve never felt it being removed.

I had been tracking my period, as I always do through the app, “Clue”. I love that app! It tells you so much and truly is spot on. It allows you to document a lot of health and personal related things, like, periods, fertility window, weight, appointments, sex, illnesses, cm, and so much more. It also lets you know your averages. (Mine are; cycle length: 32 days, period duration: 4 days.)

I truly feel that if you want to try having a baby, you need to do a few things.. Start prenatal’s, Track your period for a few months prior and try to be your best self (heath/mental). I personally believe following that it is why my Husband and I conceive so easily! Below are examples of the Clue app;

Love this period/fertile tracking app- “Clue”
Main view on Clue app

Now, the fun stuff. Mhmm- you know what I mean! 🤍 Time to discuss the baby making stuff.. The naughty naughty!

My Husband and I did a lot of research, and found the best positions for easier conception (doggy style is one!) and what not. We started “TTC” on December 1st. We had a specific month we’d wanted to have the baby in considering we have lots of kids, we didn’t want overlapping birthdays. We both felt December would be a great time to start!!

The dates we ACTIVELY TTC were;

  • December 1-11th, 2019 (a few days leading up to ovulation all the way through to the end of ovulation)

Aside from those dates listed, of course we were still “trying”, but I didn’t add them to this list because I wasn’t ovulating or close to ovulating, so my chance of getting pregnant over those days was s l i m.

You see, there’s a lot of reasons you need to “do the deed” during and around ovulation. Woman’s bodies are actually meant to make it hard to accept sperm. First, our vaginas are acidic. And men’s sperm is alkaline. The majority of sperm that goes in you, is destroyed by the vaginas acidity. A lot of the others get lost in all the nooks and crannies. Only a select hundred or so will be lucky enough to make it to the right egg. On top of all of that, the woman’s immune system will have to be lowered, that way her body doesn’t reject the growing baby. Because of that- that’s why a lot of newly preggy mama’s will get cold/flu symptoms early on in her pregnancy.

After reading that. It’s hard not to see how It’s honestly a miracle and a blessing that woman’s bodies can even accept the sperm and carry and grow a precious baby.

I feel absolutely blessed to be able to have had healthy pregnancies, and I truly wish all you ladies out there the best of luck and pray that you will get your positive test!

Carrying on,

I know during the two week wait, everyone holds out hope that every single twitch or sneeze could be pregnancy related- I sure did! Because of this, I decided to track my VERY FIRST symptoms before my positive pregnancy test and listed them below to maybe help someone out there!! 🤍

  • 12/6/19 Cycle day 15- I had a mild ache in my left ovary.
  • 12/8/19 Cycle day 17- another mild ache in my left ovary.
  • 12/9/19 Cycle day 18- egg white cm.
  • 12/10/19 Cycle day 19 ovulation- egg white cm.
  • 12/14/19 Cycle day 23- my sugary favorite drink started nauseating me. Struggling to drink it at all. (Hawaiian punch)
  • 12/17/19 Cycle day 26- creamy cm.
  • 12/19/19 Cycle Day 28- Very emotional. Estimated implantation date* I found this to be true, because if you look at the next few days, all of a sudden I have lots of symptoms!
  • 12/20/19 Cycle day 29- Gassy, creamy cm, emotional, mild nausea after eating, well hydrated yet pee is pineapple yellow.
  • 12/21/19 Cycle day 30- Gassy, all day headache, sore throat on right side, extreme fatigue- took several mini naps, slept deep at night, emotional, creamy cm, mild nausea after eating.
  • 12/22/19 Cycle day 31- Sore throat got worse. It’s now on the left and right side. I want to cry every time I swallow. I have minor white patches in throat. Bit of congestion. Itchy throat, creamy cm, dizzy, hot flashes, faint feeling, random pounding heart, emotional, still no desire to drink a sugar drink anymore. Frequent urination. Either too hot or too cold.
  • 12/23/19 Cycle day 32- Gassy, a lot of queefing (tmi), Sore throat is worse. Dizzy, fatigue, faintness, too hot or too cold, creamy cm, lower left back aching, frequent urination, mild aversions. BFP!

My period was supposed to start 12/24/19. I am very grateful it won’t be starting!! According to google, this information is supposed to be “accurate”;

It is accurate with some. We did TTC during their timeframes. It’d be so hard to pinpoint it until our first ultrasound. With this information, our due date will be September 1, 2020! Sooo most likely an August birth haha. Which is ok, because we don’t have an august birth yet!

  • 12/24/19 Cycle day 33- Merry Christmas Eve🎄 !! I have officially hit the day I was supposed to start my period. I had extremely vivid dreams about planes crashing down at me last night. Once the planes (3) almost hit me, they disappeared. It was wild! I woke up at 3 am and almost pee’d my pants (not normal!) I am for sure peeing more frequently. I was on and off in deep sleeps from 3-6:30 a.m. which then I woke up. I’m super gassy and my tummy seems gurgly/bubbly. I have random aches in my womb area. I’m fatigued. Creamy cm. Moody. Emotional!!
  • 12/25/19 cycle day 34: WERE PREGNANT!! 4 weeks pregnant. My husband and I tested today. I peed on 2 sticks. Both positive! I have had MILD and random nausea or aversions after eating. I’m noticing a lot isn’t tasting the same anymore. I did t wanna eat me gummy bears because the flavor was “off”.. I’m tired, mild aches in womb area, tacky discharge, soooo emotional! we’re really excited to be pregnant!
  • 12/26/19 cycle day 35- 4 weeks pregnant! The due dates should be 9/1/20. Sapphire will be our babies stone and Virgo will be our babes sign. Babe shared the same sign as it’s nana norene. My throat is still sore. It’s healing though. It isn’t painful to swallow as much as the pain happens now when I yawn. I’m so gassy!
  • 12/27/19- I just have to add this.. Everly saw a pregnant lady today and looked at Jayce and I and said “mommy let’s pretend we’re pregnant. Let’s pretend we have babies in our tummies!” It was so adorable! If only she knew that her mommy does have a baby in her tummy!!
  • 5 weeks pregnant- 2 months! I don’t have many crazy symptoms anymore. I’m a titch crampy, mildly achy, really gassy, pooping and peeing frequently, pretty tired. Napping a bit. Nausea after eating. Inability to drink sugary drinks. I went to a OB appt to get a quick blood test to check my hcg levels. The lady bruised me pretty bad! Lol. I’ll hear results soon.

  • Jan 2 2020- 5 weeks 2 days pregnant. Woke up and had a lot of wet discharge that was tinged light brown. PANICKING! I went to my appt and was given an ultrasound. My HCG levels from two days ago were 2,714.2, which is a great number. Considering I had brown tinged mucous, they decided to do an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed a gestational sac and a yolk sac, but no embryo. DR Jones told me he thinks I’m not as far along as I thought I was, and that’s why we can’t see the embryo yet. But there is a smaller chance that it’s a blighted ovum/miscarriage . He wanted me to go back next Friday to do another ultrasound. So I set up an appt. he also had me do another HCG blood draw. He said if the levels have risen since my last one, two days ago, then I shouldn’t worry. He thinks I’m more 4-5 weeks along instead of 5+ weeks. He told me he believes it will be a viable pregnancy and not to worry. I’m currently waiting on my hcg results.. ok results in!!! Baby is great! Hcg levels are amazing. 8,936.6!!!!!

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