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How many kids is too many?

Hello everyone! I felt like it would be fun to write an introduction in myself, so you know who it is that has been writing to you! In my opinion, the only people to discuss large families, are those who large families. I have a large family, and my hubby and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. We have 5 babes, and 1 heaven babe. Recently my husband and I have been discussing having another baby, and I’ll be honest… I get anxious. Not because I’m nervous to have another babe, but because of other people. I don’t like the judgement. I don’t like the side eye looks, I don’t like hearing that we look like a daycare or a circus. The questions and comments get old. It’s 100% bullying and harassment.

We’re confident in ourselves, we know our situation, and my Husband and my opinions are the only ones that matter in any form when it comes to this topic. So why would I care what others think or say!? Honestly, I don’t know. I have always been someone who cared too much about the opinions of others when it comes to me.

I’m going to answer some questions that I get frequently here. YES, they are all mine. They are all single births and I had them all in a hospital. Yes I was a teen mom with my first child. I ended up marrying that man and we had a total of three children together. After several years together, we divorced. I am happily married again, and together, my husband and I have had two babes, and will be trying for more soon. All my children were born in a hospital. NO I am not living on government money to provide (unless you count my Husbands Army pay..). No it isn’t harder having more kids. Technically it’s easier, because you have extra help! I spend about $350-400 a month on groceries. And NO I don’t have a lot of kids because of my religion.

NO I haven’t mentally lost it.. at least not yet 😉

I’ll admit, it gets loud and chaotic, which can be stressful at times, but overall, I have good kids.

People often expect me to be in some sort of disarray. Someone who can no longer stand or function. Which I just don’t understand. Why does society feel like mothers are slobs, who can’t find time to brush their hair, wash their clothes or clean their home.. They truly expect to see you looking like a hot mess express at all times. My way around that is prioritization. I have always been able to make time for myself.

I couldn’t imagine a life with one or two children. I love having a lot of kids. Most of the time I love the chaos. I’d rather hear them laughing and yelling all day than have silence. Silence and me just do not get along!! I have always been someone who wanted kids. Wanted to be a wife. Wanted that typically family life. I’ve never been someone who’d wanted to be out partying or out “living my youth”. I was never the average girl wanting the typical life. I like the way my life turned out. I like that it’s different than other peoples lives.

I love having a big family.

Love, Brittni


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