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A great way to start the holiday season!

Hey y’all! Happy (late) Thanksgiving!! We had such a great day as a family. We stayed home all day, made breakfast, played cards, watched a Christmas movie, played in the snow and had a blast learning to make a turkey! I also got to finish sewing the rest of our stockings up!

This was the first year ever that my Husband and I made the turkey together. Typically my mom makes it, but she was unable to come over with us this time, so we gave it our best shot- and we did awesome!

It was really nice though because I did most of the cooking the day before- that way thanksgiving could be spent relaxing as a family and not slaving in the kitchen! I gotta say, I’ll be doing it that way from now on!

We made stuffing, potatoes and gravy, orange fluff salad, green beans, pumpkin & pecan pies, turkey and rolls! The turkey ended up being so good! We were so proud of ourselves!

Overall, it was a success and truly just was so nice to be able to just relax and not go anywhere.. (for once!)

At some point Thanksgiving night, Mistletoe the Elf came back!! She was a little naughty and painted our window, but the kids were so excited to find her when they opened the curtains in the morning!

For Black Friday we had some fun plans on our itinerary! First, we went and picked my mom up to go to breakfast. I’ve got to admit, breakfast was rough because our youngest, Ella. She cried a lot of the time! She’s been teething recently, so we’ve been dealing with that. She just really wasn’t feeling it, and we had just begun our long day, so we were in for some great excitement with her.. Hah.

After breakfast we decided to go out into the hustle and bustle and get our shopping on! We checked out a few stores like Target, Old Navy, Walmart and such. We really didn’t find much of anything.. It was such a bummer! The crowds were low.. it was truly odd for Black Friday. It seems as though most people are buying online now.

After that, we went downtown to and checked in to our hotel. (We had decided a while back that it would be so much fun to get a hotel room and spend time downtown together!)

While downtown, we went to dinner at one of our favorite places, El Pollo Loco. Then we walked around Temple Square to see the Lights. It was so beautiful! It had snowed all day, so everything was just blanketed in fresh powder snow. It truly felt magical. There were also Sister Missionaries there singing carols, and a man dressed as Santa rocking out!

The last thing we did was walk to City Creek and we checked out the amazing Candy Windows at Macy’s. That right there is very nostalgic to my mom and I. It took us back to when I was a child. We have always loved looking at the candy windows! We tried to make it to see the Fountain show at City Creek, but we were 7 minutes late!! It was such a bummer. For anyone wondering, they do it every hour from 7-10 pm.

Once back at our hotel, we decided to go swimming. That little babes had a blast doing that! It helped calm Ella down too, which is such a plus.

While we slept that night, Mistletoe our elf showed up again!! That silly elf got into our candy canes and hid them!! She left a note for the kids to find them. They were so excited to look for them.

My Husband got into trouble with Mistletoe though! He went to go grab the note she wrote, and knocked mistletoe down, so he had to touch her. We think she got upset, because we haven’t seen her since.. maybe she’ll show up tonight.. If not, Papa will be in trouble!!! Ha ha. I bet we can work it out with her though.

I’d say overall we had a great time!

How was y’all thanksgiving? Did you go out for Black Friday? I’d love to hear!

Love, Brittni

P.S. My Hubby needed sunglasses, so he borrowed mine. Ha ha. What a hunk!

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