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I Made Christmas Stockings!!

As you may already know from my earlier blog posts, I am fully in to the Christmas Spirit this year, which is sooooo unlike me. Well this year, I truly am committed to this new Brittni who LOVES the Holidays, so much so, that I decided to actually decorate for Christmas and pick new colors, ornaments, etc. This year, I have been doing black and white buffalo check, white and a splash of red, and I am OBSESSED! It’s incredibly wintery and christmasy feeling! Our old decor was a red, black buffalo check and it had browns and was very cabin like. We had that for years, but this year I just simply was not in to it.

Because we changed it up, everything had to change! I had decided that I was not loving a tree skirt anymore, and had seen so many cute ideas in Pinterest, so I showed my Husband a few, and we decided to make a Tree Stand Box Like this; which my Husband was super excited to get to make. I also asked him to make a Stocking ladder, like this ; . I had recently purchased a sewing machine, so I decided to learn to sew and make new stockings as well. This was something I was super excited to do, because I haven’t sewn since sewing class in 7th grade! Because of that, I decided to have my Mom help me.

We outlined a stocking and altered the look a bit

After purchasing black and white buffalo check fabric, and some thread, I drove to my moms and we got started! We took a stocking she had to use as an outline, and tweaked the drawing a little to make it look a bit more how I’d envisioned. After that, we cut out the drawing to make a stencil, pinned it to the fabric, then cut out the fabric. We then took the fabric and pinned it to aid in keeping the pieces together while sewing it.

I really wanted to customize my stocking to be different than the average one. Because of this, I decided I did’t want the hook tabs. I wanted to do ribbon that you could tie into a bow, Like this;. I also decided to have my Husband cut me some pieces of wood, and I was going to wood burn our names into them to hook on to them, Like this and also add a fun tassel, Like this. After a long day of cutting and sewing, we were able to finish the sewing the stockings, but not the add-ons. So I will be still needing to do that still. Which shouldn’t take long at all!

This is how they are currently, and already I am so happy.

Honestly, they may not have turned out “perfect” to some, but they are PERFECT to me! They are made with some fierce mama Bear love! I love the imperfections, and I know my family will too! I can not wait to finish them up, and show y’all how they look once done!!!

Love, Brittni


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