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Happy Birthday to my Lovey

One of the most bittersweet parts of parenting is watching your children grow. Wanting them to stay little forever, but being so excited to see them grow.

My first born son just turned eleven! Where did the time go!? I look at him and see such a grown boy. He’s taller, he doesn’t have any baby rolls anymore… he’s changing right before my eyes, yet I feel like it happened overnight. I still remember his little voice, how snuggly he was with his mommy. I remember his little run, his contagious laugh, how he’s count his “yucky pennies” (lucky pennies). He would wear his Batman’s cape everywhere we went. I remember him laying in bed every night while I made his Callie bear kiss his face all over while saying, “oh who’s a happy bear”.

Those memories of him as a teeny babe are so tender to me, but so are the new memories. He’s still a mamas boy, a sweetheart, has so many questions about everything, has always done so well in school (he is a straight A student!), and is an amazing football player. He’s played with the same team for quite some time and he’s a valued player! This year, they won championships!!!

Sometimes I wonder how I got to be so blessed to be his mommy. he’s such a sweet boy and I have such love for him.

I remember when I went in to labor with him. The night prior, we were watching a football game with family, (I slept the majority of the game for some reason), when I woke up the night, I had a sudden urge to rearrange my bedroom. So I got my Husband (at that time) and had him help me! After that, we went to bed. I woke up early in the morning and was extremely uncomfortable. I tossed and turned. My back was aching (mind you, I didn’t know what it felt like to go into labor naturally, because I was induced with my daughter). I just felt like I “over did it” rearranging my room, and I was 37 weeks pregnant, so I wasn’t thinking it was labor pains because “I still had time”. As the night went in, and the pain medication wasn’t helping, I decided to hop in to the shower. That’s when I noticed my mucous plug.. (gross I know!!) I ran upstairs to ask my mother in law what she felt was happening (how was it not obvious to me!!) She was convinced I was in labor, so she started timing my contractions. I called my OB and L&D at the Hospital, they told me to wait until my contraction’s were so far apart then go to the hospital. I decided to wake my then-Husband up and tell him what we thought was happening. At this point, it was morning time. I couldn’t make it down the stairs, because of the pain. So I yelled for him (oh my gosh haha), I decided I wasn’t gonna wait any more. It was time to get our butts to the hospital. As we drove there, it was only a 10 min drive, but it felt like an eternity. I kept yelling, “drive faster!!” I just didn’t think we were going to make it! We got rushed in to an exam room, and the first nurse looked at me and said, “Thank goodness you came in, you’re a 7!!” I was like WHAT!? They just told me to not come in!! I could’ve had my babe at home!

They got us to the delivery room, my mom, dad, mother in law and grandma showed up and got comfortable, and by 3:30 pm, after an easy delivery and only pushing twice, I delivered my first born son. He was perfect. 8 pounds 6 ounces. 20.5” long. He was just so precious.

From that point, I’ve been hooked. I love my little angel babe so much. As hard as it is to let go of the little boy, I am so grateful to be able to be his mommy, and watch him grow into the man he will become.

I can not wait to see the colleges he goes to, the career he chooses, the wife.. I can’t wait to be a nana to his babies. As hard as it is, it is also a great blessing as a parent to be able to watch them grow.

I love you so much my little lovey!

Forever&Ever, Mommy


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