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Shopping during the holidays

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Today, my mom and I had our weekly get together. After we finished up our breakfast, we decided to check out this new store called Coming Home. I’ll be honest, we’ve been wanting to go into it for a bit, but for some reason we kept forgetting to! SHAME on us!

Everly and her closed eyes 🥴😂

Well, today was the day we finally remembered!! We walked in and immediately were in awe. It immediately reminded us of some of our favorite stores; Kirklands, Tai Pan and Home Goods! (Now were gonna add this store to our fav list!!) We were immediately greeted by some very nice staff members, and were ecstatic to see how adorable the store was set up.

I had mentioned how it reminded us of Tai Pan, and a very kind store employee told us that some of their designers were actually designers for Tai Pan!! (RIP Tai Pan!)

They also had some great deals going on. Halloween was 75% off, Wreaths for Christmas were 20% off, and Fall was 50% off. They also informed us that they send coupons via email through their newsletter which you can add to their in store discounts, so we jumped to sign up! We were hooked! You can sign up online via

This year, I have been on a hunt for a flocked Christmas tree! They had one that I was dying over! It reminded my of when I was a child. We had a pine outside our home. One year it snowed so much! The snow was up to the top of our mailbox!! It gave me such a good feeling looking at it. I am ALL about nostalgia. The tree was 7.5’, flocked, pre lit and screamed TAKE ME HOME BRITTNI!!! I wish I could buy it!! (NEXT YEAR!!) I was so in LOVE! I made my mom take some pictures of me by my favorite ones! Mom’arazzi!!!!

THESE two were my favorites!!! Could you die over how amazing they are!?! 🥰

If any of you are in Utah and want to check out this AMAZING and charming store, they have a few locations;

Coming Home Orem

305 East University Pkwy

Orem, Utah

The Gateway Mall

115 S.Rio Grande Street

Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Coming Home Murray

5983 S. State Street

Murray, Utah

Love, Brittni


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