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Finding yourself through horse riding

I am so incredibly proud of my first born babe. This year she began a new journey, with a foundation called Bridle UpHope and the other day, she advanced in it. Through the equestrian therapy and training she grew self confidence, happiness, a home away from home and self assurance. She also gained two new best friends; Donovan- who was her favorite horse, and Annie, who was her amazing trainer. She has gained many new skills and has been able to surround herself with horses, which is and always has been her passion. The amazing thing about Bridle Up Hope is that it goes beyond the lessons. They also have yoga, art classes and endless volunteering abilities! I am so proud of my daughter, and can not wait to watch her continue to grow and fall even deeper into her true self.

•This is not a sponsored post– But if you are from Utah and know of a girl or woman who would be interested in learning more about this amazing foundation, please message me because I truly believe in this cause!!!!•

Xo, Brittni

Brooklynn & her trainer
My daughters trainer took these videos from my daughters experience and I put together the movie 💕

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