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The Independent Child

Let’s play a game. Can you spot my daughter?… Lord have mercy! My four year old is the most independent, stubborn, strong willed and friendly little girl I know. She is sassy and driven. If you tell her no- she does it anyways. If you teach her about stranger danger, she just sees it as a challenge to talk to as many people as possible, if you beg her to stay next to you, she accepts it as me really wanting to play hide in seek.
Basically, if mommy is against it- Everly is going for it! And that’s not always a bad thing! But when she’s disappearing and talking to strangers..That’s not ideal!! Everly is blunt. She has absolutely no filter. Plus she’s smart.
One day, my mom and I were in Kirkland’s and she decided to hide from me. I was a titch panicked and speed walking through the store like a crazy person looking for her. I get to the back of the store and this lady whispers to me, “she’s hiding there” while pointing to her. I said, “oh my gosh, thank you!”. She said, “she asked me very politely to not steal her.”
We laughed.
But in that moment, I had a bit of relief.. she DOES listen to me. She does know what it would be to be kidnapped.. yet she still wants to hide, but she thinks she’s being smart about it by asking strangers to not steal her..😂
That gave me a little reassurance, but at the same time- she wish she wouldn’t run and hide because mommy isn’t thinking it’s as fun as Everly does!!!!! Do any of y’all have kids like this?! Any advice for me?? I will take all I can get!!! Xo


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