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Fun at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

This is not a sponsored post

My family and I hardly ever go to the Aquarium, because when you have five kids- prices add up realllllly fast.. We always try to do as cheap or free as we can.

(Holla if you’re a frugal Mama 🙌🏻 haha!) Although, we were so excited to see that for Veteran’s Day this year, they let Military and their families in free!!! SAY WHAT!? We were ecstatic! Unfortunately it landed on a day that three of my babes were with their Dad so they couldn’t go, but my Hubbs was able to leave work a titch early so he could take our two girls and I, so we went.

My husband and I don’t do date nights with just the two of us ever. Our “date nights” always involve our two girls, if not all of my children. We just call these adventures our “family date night”. Haha.

Once there, our four year old wanted to see sharks first, so we went to the Ocean area. She loved the touch pools! Her favorite fishies were the “nemo and dory” ones… haha. (It wasn’t just her that called those fish that- about four moms said Nemo and dory too!)

Then we went in to the Antarctic room. We were sad because the lights were off in the penguin habitat so we couldn’t see them- but we loved that they try to give the penguins some normalcy to their true habitat. We went out and went in to this new (new to me!!) Asian room. It has lizards, snakes, fish, birds and more! My daughter tried rushing through that room for some reason.

Once out of that room, we decided to go watch Polar Express 4d. Ok- this was my favorite! To be honest, the 4d made me a bit dizzy, but the effects were great! They would spritz you with a titch of water, the seats vibrated and made you truly feel like you were on the trains, and for the majority of the movie, they sprayed Christmas tree smells at you and during the hot cocoa scene, the smells changed to hot cocoa!!! All of that made it so much fun!

After the show, we went into the rainforest room (I could be totally butchering these room names, I’m sorry!!).. this room is two stories of fun!! They have tons of plants, birds, fish, waterfalls, a rope walking path, and more! It’s decently humid in this room, it it’s so worth it!!

We saved the Utah room for last. I loved the scenery in there. There were turtles, otters, red rocks, fish and more! At the exit of this room, they also have a MOTHERS ROOM!! I was so impressed. I love to see places putting Mother’s rooms in! It makes it Sooo much better than squeezing a feeding in at the bathroom stall or in your car!

They’re currently building something major outside of the aquarium. I’ve heard rumors that it supposed to be a virtual reality ride.. any truth to that?! It’s massive and resembles an octopus to me, haha. I loved the light wall outside of the building too! It was beautiful.

We spent a couple of hours there, and decided to go eat at our favorite- Braza Grill. (Can we say YUM!?) My Husband served his Mission in Brazil, so he LOVES. Brazilian food, and has gotten me hooked as well. We had such a blast there! My Husband loves to speak Portuguese to the workers there as well. It always makes me laugh, because I have NO CLUE what they’re saying, but I just sit there smiling and laughing when they laugh.. I look like such a poser, haha!!! A bonus as well was that they comped his meal since he’s in the army!!! So that was a huge plus!

You could say we had a great family date night! Just really wished all my babies were with us to share the fun, but there will always be a next time!

Have y’all gone to the aquarium? What was your favorite exhibit/animal? How about Braza Grill? I’d love to hear what you have to say!

Love, Brittni


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