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We all know that one person with Christmas Fever. That one person who listens to Christmas music the second Halloween ends (or sooner if they’re really feverish!). The one who has to hit up all the best Christmas shopping places, like Target, Home Goods, Michaels… And the one who is already watching Christmas Shows or decorating BEFORE Thanksgiving (as if thanksgiving were even a thing anymore- haha!). Well, the person I know with Christmas Fever is my Mom. She loves the Holidays. She loves the vibe about them, the Christmas spirit, the energy in the air. She loves to go out into the hustle and bustle of the chaos and just blend in. Her heart is happiest watching everyone out with their families and feeling the Christmas Spirit!

Well, I bring this up because I am almost certain I caught her Christmas bug. (It’s gotta be contagious right!?).. I’m acting like my mom with the holidays.. like someone just go to Target with me while we drink egg nog lattes and just stare at the Christmas aisles please!!!

I’m totally digging Starbucks new Holiday Cups too! I have yet to get myself one, but I sure need to! last year I was not into them, so it was really refreshing this year to finally see some cute designs going on! My favorite one is the candy cane striped one with Starbucks written all over it!

Aren’t they all so great!?!

So Mom… here’s a big fat *hint* that we need to get our Starbucks on soon and stand in a Target Christmas aisle together!! Ha ha. Who are we kidding- you all know my Mom and I have already frequented the Christmas aisles at many stores- but we haven’t gotten our Starbucks on while we did it! Cough *hint* Cough *hint*…

Yesterday I went to my Moms and helped her go through her Christmas decorations. She gave me all the ornaments from my childhood. I literally was so excited! I have been dying to get those. They bring back such fond memories. I brought home a “few” totes full of Christmas stuff. She truly spoiled her lil family yesterday!

This morning, I spent hours unpacking, sorting and re organizing my Christmas stuff with the new stuff she gave me. While doing that, I decided to just put a few things up… I know, I know.. My Hubby said we should put it all up AFTER Thanksgiving… but COME ON! How can I wait that long!? I’ve got Christmas Fever remember!!!? The only thing to cure this is to just jump in and fully allow it to take over, right!? Haha. So I blasted Christmas Music, put out some stuff and am just feeling like I am in an amazing little Christmas Bubble over here. I can not wait to show all of my kids! They are going to love it- and my Hubbs will too! Ha ha.

Who thinks it’s too early to be jumping in and putting out Christmas??

Let me know, love, Brittni


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