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Fab fit fun

This is in no way sponsored

I’ve always wanted to try out Fab Fit Fun, so when I saw that they had a promotion for Veterans Day going on where Veterans/ their Spouses get their first box for $10- I jumped on it!

I ended up getting the box about a week after I had ordered it, which seemed about normal as far as shipping terms go. I was so excited to open it! I walked to my mailbox, ran back inside, and immediately started opening it.

The thing with Fab Fit Fun is they let you pick what you want or can choose “mystery choice”. I picked what I wanted, so I had an idea of what was going to be inside that box. I opened it and was shocked and disappointed.

Nothing I chose was in there. There was literally a few things in there that looked like “reject pieces”.. almost like they gave me what no one else wanted.. I was so confused.

I reached out to FabFitFun and after a few hours, I got an email from them asking me to rate my conversation and the outcome with “maizy”.. I was super confused because I didn’t speak to anyone. No one contacted me regarding my issues. So, again I wrote back explaining my confusion. They responded by ignoring the fact that no one actually contacted me and ultimately them asking me to write them again on November 14th regarding this issue.. ok.. is that the most confusing customer service ever?! Terrible!!

As of now, I am still awaiting someone to respond and actually help me with this issue.

I truly want this to work out! Let’s pray it can be!!!

Love, Brittni


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